Valley Neurology Office Location Murrieta CA. Valley Neurology Office Location Murrieta CA.
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What is a Neurologist?


A neurologist is a specialist physician who diagnoses and treats conditions that affect the nervous system. The nervous system involves all our senses - sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. It is a highly complex system that regulates our thoughts, coordination and activities.

Do you suffer from persistent headaches?
Do you struggle with memory loss?
Do you have difficulties with balance and coordination?
Do you feel intermittent limb numbness or weakness?
Do you have tremors or shaking?

An answer of "Yes" to any may be signs or symptoms of nervous system disorders. At Valley Neurology, it is our goal to discover the correct diagnosis. Once your condition is identified, we'll provide you with the education to understand your disorder. So together, we can make the best decisions regarding your case. Valley Neurology offers medically certified acupuncture as a supplementary therapy for some conditions.


Valley Neurology is committed to providing you with a comprehensive diagnosis and personalized management of neurological conditions. Each patient is considered a partner in his or her medical care. Empowering patients to actively participate in their treatment is a critical step in establishing a successful patient-doctor relationship.